Our practice hosts the following services and clinics:

Child Immunisations

  • NameChild Immunisations
  • Held byPractice Nurses
  • Opening TimesTuesday and Wednesday mornings

Coil Clinic

  • NameCoil Clinic
  • Held byDr Michelle Day & Dr Louise Lodh
  • Opening TimesPre-booked appointments

Hearing Aid Clinic

  • NameHearing Aid Clinic
  • Held byAudiology
  • Opening Times1st Friday of every month between 1.30pm-2.30pm
  • Additional InformationDrop in clinic


Maternity Services

  • NameMaternity Services
  • Held byMidwives
  • Opening TimesThursday
  • Additional InformationTo arrange your first contact / initial booking-in appointment with the Midwife you will need to self-refer to the Maternity Services Unit based at Harrogate District Hospital using the maternity self-referral form.

    Visit the  Maternity Services Web Page at where you will be able to download and complete the self-referral form.
    Please complete the self-referral form as soon as you know you are pregnant to enable the Midwives to make your appointments for scans and screening tests within the appropriate timescale.

    The Community Midwife attends Church Lane Surgery once a week on a Thursday and runs the appointment based clinic, these appointments are booked by the community midwife and not the surgery.

Minor Illness Clinic

  • NameMinor Illness Clinic
  • Held byNurse Diane Gallon
  • Opening TimesMost Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings on a book on the day/appointment basis only
  • Additional InformationDiane has  undertaken additional training through the University of York and is able to prescribe some medications for:
    Chest infection
    Ear infection
    Eye problems
    Skin infection
    Sore throat
    Urine infection
    and general advice

    Diane cannot see:
    Pregnant ladies
    Patients under 5 years old
    Mens UTI's

Minor Surgery Clinic

  • NameMinor Surgery Clinic
  • Held byDr Robert Webster
  • Opening TimesThis clinic is run on a Thursday afternoon
  • Requires GP Referral?Yes

Travel Advice

  • NameTravel Advice
  • Held byPractice Nurse team
  • Opening TimesPre-booked telephone appointments
  • Additional InformationPlease contact the reception team as soon as you are aware of your travel plans - ideally 6 weeks before travel to ensure we are able to arrange the necessary appointments as required.

To attend one of these clinics please ring our reception on 01423 322309.

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