To safeguard patients all initial requests/queries to the practice must be made via telephone or online via Econsult where possble. Although we are still here to help, please do not come to the surgery to make an appointment unless you have no other option- do so by telephone 01423 322309.

If your problem is medically non-urgent we would encourage you to submit an e-consult through our website. A doctor will review your request and get back to you within 2 working days. You will receive a phone call, text or email in response to your enquiry from the most appropriate person. Please note, it may not always be a doctor who answers your query.

You may find it helpful to visit the NHS website to find self-care advice for minor issues or ask a local Pharmacist. Some helpful advice around medicines you can buy over the counter can be found here: Self Care Prescribing

Further self care advice can be found here

Arriving at the Surgery

If you have an appointment please make yourself known to reception when you arrive and they will advise you where you can wait for your appointment- the doctors or nurses may ring you in your car to help keep the numbers in the waiting rooms to minimum.

If you are required to wait inside the surgery you will be directed to sit in the waiting room at a social distance. Please assist the Reception staff as much as possible.

Patients entering the surgery must be wearing face coverings and should have no Coronavirus symptoms including raised temperature, persistent cough or loss of taste and smell – you must tell us if you have had a positive covid test in the last 2 weeks or if you live with someone who currently has Coronavirus.

We know these are difficult times, but please show kindness and consideration to our Dispensary staff and Reception staff when they are dealing with your queries. We are trying our best to help you and continue to provide the best service to patients during this time.

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